General Questions

There is so much administration in running a company, do we have to do this for a resident’s Management Company too?

You don’t, we do! As part of the service we will manage all the Service Charge Accounting, filing the annual Confirmation Statement and other company secretarial duties.

Do you take commission from general maintenance work?

No, we do not take commission for general maintenance works as we do not believe this to be an ethical way of operating.

We have some major works planned in the future, what do we do if we're thinking of changing to a new Managing Agent?

When we take on new Love Your Block clients we like to complete a Stock-Condition report on your building with our surveyor. Naturally this will flow into a Planned Preventative Maintenance Schedule for your building, which in turn will help inform decisions in regards to budgeting for future works. If you are in the middle of major works when we take over the Management of your property then we will help you review the status and terms of these works as per your lease. Working with you to ensure the funds will be appropriated in the correct manner: either reviewing your reserve fund, planning a way to save for these future works or issuing a one-off demand when the work is due. As is normal with any Managing Agent, there is an additional fee to help you manage the Section 20 works as the process is complex and requires careful project management.

What about our building’s insurance – are you able to arrange this for us?

Some freeholders retain the right to insure the building under the terms of the lease. In this case, we cannot arrange the insurance unless we are instructed by the freeholder. The Right To Manage removes the freeholder’s right to insure the building; we can advise whether this process is suitable for your block—just give us a call. If your Residents Management Company has the right to arrange insurance then yes, we can arrange cost-effective buildings insurance on your behalf – ensuring you have the right cover for you as Directors of the Company and also the Building. We have never been beaten on an Insurance quote yet – so we constantly find that this is a great way for us to help clients save their money. We’re happy for you to arrange your own insurance too if you want to, but we would suggest that our recommended broker is also used for quotes, because as mentioned they have beaten every comparable quote that we’ve ever given them! Also, be aware that where we do not arrange cover, there is an additional charge for us to raise any claims that may be needed (because our broker coordinates our claims, so we do not have to charge for this work). Again, we can work around what you decide.

How is Love Your Block paid?

Love Your Block will have a contract with the Management Company or the Freeholder. This contract will typically last for 12 months and have the payment terms within it. Our standard services management fee is paid out of the service charge fees, if your lease allows it, which is then recovered from leaseholders from the Service Charge Bank Account. Our fees for Managing your Block are in addition to other fees which will be incurred to maintain your block, such as the cost for your cleaner, gardener, insurance, maintenance work etc.

Where are your offices?

We have two offices. We have an office at Holborn Viaduct, London and also one in Bicester, Oxfordshire. The one in Bicester is our Administrative and Accounting office. We always endeavour to meet you at your own property, or hold AGMs at local venues to yourselves as we find that this is often more convenient for our clients. It also ensures we can be more hands-on, view any issues and complete site surveys whilst there.

What are your opening hours?

Love Your Block is open Monday to Friday, 8.30am - 6.00pm