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England & Wales

The Right to Manage laws allow you to take control of the management of your building (which can then typically be delegated to a Managing Agent who you can choose and appoint).  We believe that everyone deserves the Right to Manage their own property.  You don't have to prove any wrongdoing by the owner of the building, so the process is typically unchallenged by the freeholder.

By completing a Right To Mange Claim your Service Charge payments can often be reduced by taking control of the management of the building yourselves.  Working with a responsible Managing Agent you are then able to get the best deals for the provision of services and buildings insurance... no more paying for unnecessary work or inflated insurance premiums!

To progress with a Right To Manage Claim you need to be confident that at least half of the owners will support the RTM application.  50% of leaseholders - per block - are required to start the process. There is a lot of administrative work involved in following the legal proceedings, but the good news is that Love Your Block has years of experience and we'll take care of everything for you.

It is important to note that the cost of undertaking the Right To Manage Claim cannot come from your Service Charges. Therefore a few of your Leaseholders might prefer to kick start the process by funding the setup fee at the beginning themselves.  If a few of you start the process in this manner, then once the RTM claim has gone through the Company can pass a resolution at a company meeting which requires all Members to contribute towards the setup fee. (For small blocks, it may be possible for you to get everyone to pay their share up-front).

If you would like to gain control of your building, have a say in what happens, and how your money is spent - then a Right To Manage Claim might be something you would like to consider. 


If you'd like to discuss it further with us then please provide us with a few details below,

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