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Remote Management 

England & Wales

Love Your Own Block is a service which has been designed for a discerning client who would like to balance the level of service they require, whilst achieving greater cost efficiency for the property.


  We are aware that some of our clients feel that they need less support, or that some of our leaseholders would like to be more ‘hands on’ in the management of their own property.  Love Your Own Block has been tailor-designed especially to meet these needs and it offers a 'lite' service which is remotely managed for you, without having to compromise on quality and service. 

This 'lite' service still offers you the comprehensive administrative management of your property (as explained in more detail below). However with Love Your Own Block we are able to pass on a considerable saving to you because as leaseholders you will oversee and arrange your own maintenance and repairs, book in your own annual Health and Safety Assessment* and hold your own Annual General Meeting*. Although we obviously can support you in these activities along the way if you need us to. 


Love Your Own Block enables you to pay only for what you use on top of the basic service.  If you suddenly find yourself needing more support for whatever reason, then you have instant access to additional Property Management Services and experts - such as debt collection, a legal team, surveyors, enforcement of the lease covenants or the management of any major works you have planned.  

We are there when you need us, and supporting you when you don't.

* typically a once off annual activity


You Will:

  • Arrange and manage the cleaners, gardeners and other maintenance providers and contractors for the communal areas in your block.

  • Once a year (or as necessary) arrange your Health and Safety Assessment.


We Will:

  • Advise on prioritising the works required for Health & Safety, if you need us to, once you have your report. 


We Will:​

  • Complete your financial planning and budgeting of Service Charges.

  • Collect your Service Charges.

  • Arrange cost-effective buildings insurance.

  • Manage the bank accounts and all payment of invoices you forward to us. 

  • Continually complete your book-keeping for the company accounts.

  • Liaise with accountants to prepare your annual reports (additional professional fees apply).

  • Produce Quarterly reports for Directors to ensure visibility of accounts.

  • Project Manage major maintenance or building works (additional professional fees apply).

  • Complete debt collection procedures (additional fees apply).


  • Ensure the appropriate management of your shared services such as water,  electricity, central cable TV, etc.


You Will:

  • Arrange your own Annual General Meeting - including sending out the notices and minutes after you have run the meeting.

We Will:​

  • Complete all the administrative management of the Residents' Management Company, including audits and annual returns

  • Complete all Company Secretarial duties to ensure all legal considerations are taken care of.  This includes filing the annual confirmation statements, maintenance of the register of members and filing of the accounts etc.


  • Enforce lease provisions on your behalf (additional fees apply).

  • Deal with any legal matters relating to your property (additional fees apply).



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